Before you arrive

To help us prepare for your stay we’ll contact your GP and the clinician who referred you for more information.

Normally you’ll be seen by our Epilepsy Nurse Specialist at an out-patient clinic prior to admission. Your care and treatment will be planned at this clinic along with your length of stay.

If you are unable to attend the Centre we will contact you by telephone to discuss any specific requirements you may have. We will then write and contact you advising you of an admission date.

It is important to let us know about all the medication you are taking before you arrive, bringing with you seven days supply in the original boxes.

During your stay

When you arrive you’ll be allocated a named nurse who will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss, co-ordinate and plan your care. You will receive a routine health check from a local GP.

Our specialist multidisciplinary team meet weekly to review your treatment and progress. The doctor may decide that you need a longer or shorter time than originally planned. This will always be discussed with you before any decision is reached.

The length of your stay is planned prior to your admission. A number of factors can influence the actual admission period which may result in a shorter or sometimes longer stay. This will be done in consultation with you at all times.

General Information

The Scottish Epilepsy Centre is few minutes away from the Southern General Hospital in Govan, Glasgow. It is located on St Kenneth Drive next to Elder Park in Govan. It is easily accessible by road (just south of the Clyde Tunnel), and by public transport (bus and subway).