You may wish to bring:

  • Clothes and footwear suitable for wearing to exercise sessions such as Zumba or to use the basic fitness equipment.
  • Front-fastening tops and a loose-fitting woolly hat for wearing during EEG monitoring.
  • Old clothes for participating in art classes.
  • Coat hangers. We provide some hangers, but you may wish to bring more if you require to hang up more clothing.
  • Your preferred brand of laundry detergent and fabric softener. We provide a basic laundry service, but we do not provide an ironing service so you may wish to bring non-iron items of clothing.
  • Your preferred brand of tea/coffee/juice for use in our facilities.
  • Reading materials, quiz books, arts and crafts materials, jigsaws and games. We also provide a small selection.  
  • Games console or games for use on the communal Wii. If you wish to bring your own console for use in your room, we can provide a TV to connect it to. Please note that you will also have to bring all required cables and controllers for the console.
  • Personal electronic equipment such as hairdryers, mp3 players and electric shavers. There are electric shaving points in all en-suites.
  • Laptop or PC. There are 2 PCs for patient use, and you are welcome to bring your own laptop. There is a standard Ethernet connection available in your room - please note that there is no WiFi access available in the inpatient section. You can bring a network dongle but we cannot guarantee the quality of reception within the unit. You may also wish to bring your own headsets/earphones to use on the PCs. If you would like to watch Netflix or equivalent, or use Skype to contact friends and family, please ensure that there have been downloaded to your personal laptop before you come to the centre.
  • Enough toiletries, cigarettes, sun cream, phone credit, writing materials, stamps and any other essentials to last the duration of your stay. There is very little or sometimes no opportunity to go out during your admission.

Other things that may be useful to know:

Visiting times are 11am to 8pm daily.

Due to health and safety considerations, there are no plugs allowed in the inpatient sinks. This may be a consideration for gentlemen shaving.

All electrical equipment will be subject to visual inspection on admission. If staff deem it unsafe, you will not be able to use it during your admission.

Use of electrical equipment is limited during EEG monitoring. This will be fully explained if you require to be put on EEG monitoring.

Phone signal reception varies within the unit. The William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre is not responsible for the quality of reception within its building or grounds.

All meals are prepared on site by The William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre cooks. Please raise any special dietary needs prior to admission.

Patient participation

Our Patient Participation Strategy can be accessed here, or click here to access the Easy Read version.